• Don't tell me I'm not an expert

    So I received an email from a mental health professional who'd signed up to the ZHUCHI newsletter. She was making a formal complaint about the Chump Lady Masterclass promo material. Apparently it was “offensive”, and ZHUCHI (ie ME), as only a "promoter of events" had no “qualification” to be ...

  • Death of a loved one

    Robin Williams suicided earlier this week, he will be just one of 800,000 to 1 million people to take their own life this year alone (Varnick, 2012). It is tragic and there is no one I've encountered in the days that have followed who has not been impacted by his death in some way.

    I’m not going to ...

  • The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    ZHUCHI has a workshop on today and I’ve just returned from the venue having set up the room, sorted the equipment, mingled with participants and seen the presenter right. Everything went swimmingly but that one hour of plastering on a smile and faking the social orgasm has left me depleted.

    It’s a beautiful, sunny Autumn day in Newcastle, one of those days that would move my friends a...

  • The ZHUCHI stripped bare

    I spend disproportionate amounts of time stressing about ZHUCHI and trying to think up ways to ensure this little piece of something endures. Every day is a face-off between my differing opinions. There is a part of me that is totally buzzed about having taken the plunge to do this, to step off the hamster wheel, take a risk and achieve a goal. There is a part of me that likes having problem...

  • Memory Reconsolidation, Neuroscience and Coherence Therapy

    When ZHUCHI was conceived, our primary goal was to bring world-class training to the Hunter and surrounding regions. We also wanted to try and identify emerging therapeutic interventions, offer training in approaches new to the "world stage". Wherever possible ZHUCHI is about bringing cutting edge research and practice to practitioners.

    With the revelations that neuroscience has brou...

  • Essential viewing for anyone on Antidepressants: REAL evidence

    ZHUCHI is kicking off the year of blogs with a very brief piece - there is very little that can be added to this mind-blowing 15 minute clip.  

    This video features Peter Gøtzsche who is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Cochrane Centre is world renown for its unbiased and systematic analysis of medical research.  Gøtzsch...

  • How should we be talking about mental illness?

    ZHUCHI's community, recently lost someone we all respected greatly. She was a lady who talked the talk, about walking the walk and as a result, made an amazing contribution to our community's awareness about mental health issues. Personally and professionally. Even at the end, donations for ARAFMI (Association of Relatives And Friends of the Mentally Ill) were requested in lieu of flowers.

  • The WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Four weeks ago, I was out running and slipped - only a fraction, and injured my back.  I have not been able to work, play, think clearly since.

    This last couple of weeks, I have noticed my mood has slipped, I am definitely feeling overly sensitive,  a little labile, forgetful and to be quite honest, extremely lonely. And I know how ridiculous this sounds since I have  partner who com...

  • It's all about NPT

    In May ZHUCHI hosted a three day workshop Neuropsychotherapy for Anxiety with Dr Pieter Rossouw. It sold out and scored a perfect 5/5 from the participants in the evaluations - quite an endorsement from your peers we think!

    While Pieter is obviously a great presenter - as one participant said "He could talk about chocolate ice-cream for two days and I'd pay to go along", it is clear ...

  • Self Care: The Clinician's most CRITICAL tool?

    In the role of witness to acts of violence, the therapist feels, at times, overwhelmed and experiences, to a lesser degree, the same terror, rage and despair as the client - Herman 2001.

    I'll admit I don't always understand what people really mean when ...

  • Neurobiology - a key to unlocking Trauma in therapy

    It is a sad reality that trauma and trauma-related issues seem to be on the rise in Australia.

    Our media is awash with stories of enquiries in to child sex abuse; family violence and neglect; of asylum seekers in detention as young as six diagnosed with PTSD. Traumatic disorders are no longer the sole realm of returning veterans - t...

  • Lloyd's story

    I believe one of the best ways to understand mental illness, is to understand the person with it.  After all, no one illness is the same.  When I am depressed, it is a different experience to when Kate or when Lloyd are depressed for instance.  Yes, there are some common themes and manifestations - just like cancer, but how the illness plays out is intrinsically connected with...

  • A view from the inside

    ZHUCHI was fortunate enough to be put in touch with a young, vibrant woman called Liv.  Liv has a story that most 18 year olds won't ever experience.  She has a diagnosis most of us couldn't comprehend.  But Liv strives to make sense of life - just as the rest of us do, and she does so with composure and a fearlessness that defies the cards she's been dealt.

    I ...

  • Celebrity mental illness - more harm than good???

    This morning a friend and I were walking for coffee.  Our route happens to pass the regional psychiatric intensive care unit. From outside it was possible to hear the screams of an inpatient - obviously distressed, obviously very sick.  

    My friend then told me about a program that recently aired on Foxtel that showcased a few celebrities talking openly about their menta...

  • WHY so interested in mental illness?

    I’ll start by introducing myself:  I am Liz, I’m the ZHUCHI, and I have a mental illness.  My mental illness is Major Depressive Disorder, with PTSD features. 

    I've had it for as long as I can remember but was only formally diagnosed in 2007.  How do I know I had it for as long as I can remember?  Well the answer is relatively simple:  It was ...

  • Introduction to ZHUCHI

    I am sitting at my computer drawing a complete blank.  The purpose of this forum (I am told by my beloved web developers/sometime mentors/life guides in all that is hip in the Village), is to put in to words some of my thoughts and feelings around Mental Illness and the stigma associated with it.

    Indeed, when I first met with them, I waxed lyrical about the urgent need to reduce ...

  • Download a Registration Form

    ZHUCHI understands that some office computers have strict user policies and many public websites are not accessible.

    In light of this, ZHUCHI has created a Registration Form available to download, complete and return via fax or mail. Just click

  • Ruby Rose: THIS is CELEBRITY mental illness

    A few weeks ago, Ruby Rose posted this on Facebook.  Love it, hate it, rate it; Facebook can be  amazing at raising awareness. Especially for Gens Y and Z. 

    Ruby Rose has depression and is in recovery from addiction.  Ruby Rose is smart, beautiful, sexy, talented, famous, cool, edgy.  It has been a long time since I have read a personal description of depressi...

  • Anxiety Club

    So beautifully captured, so amazingly true. Catalina:  you wear your truth on your sleeve - thank you.


  • My most profound experience as a therapist

    Recently ZHUCHI ran a small competition asking people to tell me in 500 words or less, what their most profound experience as a therapist had been.  It was a tough challenge.  The competition was judged by an independent person who lives with a mental illness - in this instance, bi-polar disorder - I asked them to judge on one criteria only - what resonated most with them, as someone who has...

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