• Essential viewing for anyone on Antidepressants: REAL evidence

    ZHUCHI is kicking off the year of blogs with a very brief piece - there is very little that can be added to this mind-blowing 15 minute clip.  

    This video features Peter Gøtzsche who is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Cochrane Centre is world renown for its unbiased and systematic analysis of medical research.  Gøtzsche is outspoken on the horrors of prescribed medicines and their consequent public health risks.  He is particularly vocal around the use of antidepressants - specifically SSRIs.

    The arrival of this video (along with an announcement that Peter is giving four critical talks in Australia in February 2015), in our inbox has resulted in a committed action to help spread this message far and wide.

    ZHUCHI has been talking about the lack of real evidence to support the efficacy of psychotropic medications for a while now.  The view that medication is the most efficient and resolute way to address problem thinking, feelings, experiences and behaviours, is such a dangerous one.  The Cochrane Collaboration undertook a systematic review of the evidence for and against the use of psychotropic drugs.  The findings were unequivocally clear:  Psychotropic medicines are doing us more harm than good.

    We believe that this information should be widely available.  People should know in clear terms what the medications they are being prescribed could do to them.  Correspondingly, medical professionals should also.

    Please share.

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