• Ruby Rose: THIS is CELEBRITY mental illness

    A few weeks ago, Ruby Rose posted this on Facebook.  Love it, hate it, rate it; Facebook can be  amazing at raising awareness. Especially for Gens Y and Z. 

    Ruby Rose has depression and is in recovery from addiction.  Ruby Rose is smart, beautiful, sexy, talented, famous, cool, edgy.  It has been a long time since I have read a personal description of depression that resonates so highly with me as this.  Thank you Ruby. Thank you.

    Ruby Rose on Facebook April 2, 2013

    There are very few things that can bring a 27 year old self-supporting, out spoken, thick skinned, grown woman to her knees squeezing her poor dog so tight I think I hear the snapping of a rib. Either its that time of the month, your boyfriend just broke up with you, you got a massive tax bill, and you accidently watched the notebook all whilst forgetting to take your medication, or in my case, your ugly old friend Mr. Depression came to visit uninvited and unwelcomed, forced his way into your house ate all the Tim tams and smacked you in the face with a pile of manure. 

    I have had depression for more years than I can remember, As a child I was subjected to sexual abuse, as well as many other traumas I need not bore you with and I was first medicated at around 14 for PTSD after finding a dead body. After that many of you know I was bullied at school, raised with very little money by a single mum and somehow through it all survived, thrived (with some ups and downs, lets be honest) but the kid turned out alright. 

    I have always been a strong believer in therapists and when needed, medication. I am always giving people advice on the places they can visit and numbers they can call when they feel they are in need or unable to cope. That is why I work so closely with Headspace and the government on bullying in schools. I believe it’s the secrets that keep us sick and that reaching out is so important when you feel alone.

    I learnt a lot about a thing called contrary action when I quit drinking in 2011 and it is a term they use a lot in recovery. It means that sometimes we have to look at the way we are reacting or coping with something and try doing the opposite. As the odds are if we are doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result its obviously not working. 

    For example, if you isolate and hide when depressed, try as hard as it feels, to get up and just walk, even if it is just around the block. 

    If you have trouble or get nervous and uncomfortable calling people to ask for help, this is going to sound crazy but what I used to do is put a hat and sunglasses on (whilst in the house) pick up the phone and call a friend. It worked for me. I can’t say I know why.

    Basically I wanted to write this short piece to thank everyone who has supported me, I am overwhelmed, I thought my sponsors would drop me, my friends would leave me and I’d be alone in a hat and sunglasses in my kitchen with no one to call. 

    Thank you so much to my fans, to JAG who despite it being the middle of their amazing launch are being a family to me, along with Maybelline and Party People. I wish all companies could be as understanding as these when it came to dealing with depression in their employees on a world wide level. 

    I am going to be ok, and I want everyone else who is feeling this way to know they too will be all right. 

    I don’t have the answers; I am not a qualified professional in mental health… CLEARLY! But I do know that laying on the ground of your apartment feeling like you are being eaten alive from the inside out by fear, unable to move, well… ‘aint nobody got time for that!

    You are not alone, pick up the phone, grab an animal, grab someone else’s animal just make sure you address it and give yourself the time and love you need. I leave tomorrow to do exactly that and it’s frightening and I am human, and I am doing it because I know I deserve to be happy just like everyone else does. 



    After reading, please sit with this for a while and imagine it.


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