• Launch week

    It's so far a great week for ZHUCHI as we build up to the grand launch on Friday.

    Fantastic ambassadors Chris Skellett and Car Honore representing ZHUCHI as well as themselves at the Happiness and Its Causes forum in Melbourne.

    Radio mention from ABC Radio Newcastle and Melbourne station Southern FM.  And Chris even quoted in Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Monday.  ZHUCHI is so stoked to have this calibre of people coming to Newcastle.

    Looking forward very much to launching this resource with the support of such fantastic talent that is Amy Vee.

    Will be posting some footage of the night up - and while this is a one off by invitation event, ZHUCHI will not make a habit of this.  All special events in the future will be open for anyone to attend.

    I appreciate your support to date and ask that you keep spreading the word of ZHUCHI to friends and colleagues.  It is very much appreciated.

    This is the start of great times ahead :)

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