• About the AUGUST workshop deal....

    Let me explain the reason for the HUGE discount in the workshop prices for ALL of August's workshops.

    My ultimate goal for ZHUCHI this year is to have NO cancellations.  And I will operate them all on a cost recovery basis alone if I need to keep ZHUCHI alive throughout it's first year of being.

    It is certainly a huge risk for me opening ZHUCHI to "fill the training gap" identified by Newcastle Mental Health professionals.  I have the experience and the connections and can make this happen, but I need you guys to back me too. 

    I think you will be grateful you have when you do.  ZHUCHI aims to bring you a new experience of training that not only provides you with innovative, quality, evidence based, practical workshops delivered by exceptional trainers, but also provides you with a complete sensory experience to enhance your learning.

    ZHUCHI is committed to providing Mental Health training which is dynamic and optimistic, skills based and experiential, cutting edge in its topics.  ZHUCHI training is not stuffy and prescriptive.

    There is really only one way to find out...Come, join the ZHUCHI.

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