We host training experiences for health professionals

When you think of training, I bet you think of dull speakers, wordy slides, beige rooms, a bubbling urn and an arrowroot biscuit.

We've changed that. For both attendees and presenters we've made training more enriching, and believe it or not, enjoyable.

We're about training experiences that are:

Rockstar presenters, not professor beige

Organic Vietnamese drip coffee, not Blend 43

Inspiring spaces, not community centres

World class, not cattle class.


With a focus on Mental Health Training

By 2030 the World Health Organisation forecasts that psychiatric disorders will be second only to heart disease as the biggest disease burden in the developed world.  This is a staggering statistic and while research is making huge progress in understanding mental illness, the need to translate research in to practice is key. Mental health professionals will shoulder the majority of the illness burden and must consequently have access to training and education that enables them to stay on top of best practice. 

ZHUCHI is focused on providing psychotherapy and mental health training that is contemporary, showcases new treatment paradigms and enriches mental health in Australia. Our training is state-of-the-art, evidence-based and may cover therapeutic interventions, topic specific advances in treatment of mental disorders, core skills psychology courses, and a host of other opportunities for those training to be a psychotherapist. Wherever possible the individual's lived experience is at the core of the content. We don't just look at evidence-based practice, but practice-based evidence.Our psychotherapy courses are open to any professional whose work brings them in to contact with those who have mental illness or who are experiencing mental distress.    

Our training is state-of-the-art, evidence-based and may cover therapeutic interventions, new approaches, topic specific advances in treatment of mental disorders.  Our workshops and courses are open to any professional whose work brings them in to contact with those who have mental illness or who are experiencing mental distress.  A wise professional knows that the fundamental and most crucial key to successful work with clients is the therapeutic bond - a relationship that is born out of mutual trust, respect and equality.  Both need to learn from each other for positive change to occur - knowledge is critical for each to achieve their desired outcomes.

ZHUCHI is committed to providing the best opportunities in mental health training.  Opportunities that keep step with emerging research, and take wisdom from the person with lived experience.  Together a force for good mental health. 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

About us 

Zhuchi was created by Liz Newton and launched on 21 June 2013 by Carl Honoré. 

Liz has worked in Mental Health for more than 12 years. She created, coordinated and managed a continual training calendar for mental health professionals through the Hunter Institute of Mental Health between 2002 and 2011. She also works in an ongoing capacity as a Senior Consumer Advisor for Mental Health Services providing consultation around service design, governance, service delivery and strategic direction.

ZHUCHI has a greater purpose - to remove ignorance and stigma around mental illness - in all its guises.

Zhuchi informs its audience of upcoming psychotherapy training through a regular email-out and quarterly newsletter. These updates list the ongoing therapist training Zhuchi offers, its prices, and the presenters we are fortunate enough to bring here.  

Zhuchi uses public speaking to share personal experiences of mental illness exclusively, in a bid to reduce stigma and raise awareness in the community at large.

Zhuchi uses its blog and social media to connect with those working therapeutically and those in the community who would like to know more about the mental health training ZHUCHI offers and the role it plays in improving outcomes for those with a mental illness. 

Zhuchi contributes 5% of profits to mental illness research, has a minimal carbon footprint and uses 100% recycled materials.


About the name

Throughout their history, Buddhist and Taoist communities would employ a temple manager.  His title was zhuchi. It was the responsibility of the zhuchi to construct the temple for the community and then see to its purification and maintenance. 

The role of the zhuchi was a highly important one because a well-maintained and purified temple better enabled its worshippers to reach their highest potential. 


About the logo


The 'learning circle' formed by many small dots is the temple-like space the Zhuchi builds and maintains. Dots represent all of the elements of experiential learning coming together to form the space - attendees, presenters, research, topics, environments and senses. They're ordered and assembled by the Zhuchi to create an enriching learning experience.

Why circles? Models of intervention and treatment relating to mental illness often include circles. The "layers" of a circle are often used to represent different support systems available to the individual at the centre. Mental illness - like any other illness - is only one small dot / circle / part of the individual. 

Why the colours? Lime is a colour for learning activity and nutrition. Lime (the material) is also an ingredient in glueing agents - representing Zhuchi's ability to bind the various elements together to create an enriching learning experience. Blue is a learning colour for comfort, thought, energy and communication.


Wherever possible, ZHUCHI hosts its psychotherapy courses in locations that contribute to the training experience - including great views, great infrastructure and great food!

ZHUCHI's preferred location for training is the Harbourview Function Centre, Wharf Road, Newcastle - with its sensational views of Newcastle's busy, working harbour.



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